Why we’re joining the AES?


We’ve decided to join the AES, after spending more than 2 months with the amazing team of Tetuan Valley from the Campus Madrid, working side by side with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Spain.

During this 2 months we’ve learned a lot by sharing with others and by that we’ve discover the amazing value of collaborating with such an amazing startup ecosystem like the one we found here.

And that’s exactly why we’ve decided, and we’re delighted to, join the Asociación Española de Startups (AES)Just to name 3 key points:

  • Networking: Because we’re aiming to build long-term relationships with other startups from Spain
  • Giving back: Because we’ll be happy to help other startups as we were helped here
  • Ecosystem: Because we discovered one of the most vibrant startups ecosystems in Europe and we’re happy to contribute with our grain of sand to keep it growing.

Pardon me? What’s the AES?

The Asociación Española de Startups (Spanish Startup Association) it’s an non-profit organization working to improve the Spanish Startup Ecosystem by empowering the conversations between Spanish and European Startups, Political Institutions and Companies.

We believe this is amazingly important and that’s why we’re excited to contribute to this movement.

So, once again I want to thank the AES for accepting us, and we really hope to help this Amazing Ecosystem to grow!

And if you’re not from Spain, I’d like to give you a sneak peek of this amazing and innovative people that besides having the best jamón on earth, has a great entrepreneurial vision since the time of Cervantes and Don Quijote de la Mancha, who said:

“Cambiar el mundo, amigo Sancho, no es ni utopía ni locura, es justicia”
“To change the world, my friend Sancho, is not an utopia nor madness, it’s justice”  

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