What is DRM and why we believe there’s a better option

In just a few words Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies attempt to control what you can and can’t do with the media you’ve purchased.

Let me give you an example: Have you ever bought an eBook from Amazon or eLibro? And now you want to read that book wherever you want? Sorry, you can’t.

DRM were born in order to “protect” the content from illegal or non-permitted use, the problem is: Does that really work? Aren’t there other ways to protect the content but at the same time give freedom to the people that payed to enjoy the content?

So, what’s the problem with DRM? Basically there are fours problems:

  • DRM technologies can be easily bypassed: Making it easy to people who does want to make an illegal use of the content but harder to people who has actually paid for that.
  • Users can’t enjoy the content they’ve purchased anywhere they want.
  • DRM technologies are too expensive for Publishers making it even harder to maintain a sustainable Digital Content Business
  • DRM technologies need specific software to run: Forcing the users to install additional software to just enjoy the content they’ve purchased

Ok, DRM are bad. How are you protecting the content?

In publica.la we take security seriously, but we also take User’s freedom and experience seriously. That’s why we’ve decided to base our Security on Web Standards to protect our customers content and by doing that we can:

  • Ensure Content will be always secured no matter where you are seeing the content
  • Content can be accessed from any device that supports Web Technologies (almost any Device nowadays; from TVs, to Smartphones or tablets or even Smart Watches: Yes you can read it from your Watch if you want, or can..)
  • Users don’t need to install anything to enjoy the content

Sure… But how exactly are you doing that?

All the content on publica.la is secured and encrypted with Web Technologies:

  • We use Let’s Encrypt to serve all the content through secure connections (HTTPS) 
  • We leverage CloudFlare smart network and firewalls to effectively discard dangerous traffic before it even reaches our servers.
  • The original file is encrypted and secured on our AWS Infrastructure and backed by S3 so it’s as stable as it gets.
  • We’ve set up smart rate limiting algorithms that let us differentiate between a normal user and an attacker that might be trying something.
  • Our proprietary algorithm ensures that if any hacker manages to bypass all the security measures we have, he won’t find the full content never

So, this is why we believe there’s a better option to DRM and this is how we’re helping the Industry to offer flexibility while maintaining their content secured.

Do you have any other opinions or questions about DRM? Just drop a comment or contact me at plaurino@publica.la  

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