Disney is pulling off from Netflix. What does this means for Publishers?


Disney has recently announced that will pull its movies from Netflix by the end of 2018, this means Pixar’s, Disney’s and Marvel’s movies will have their own streaming platform.

The Company will also launch its own ESPN streaming service. And this probably will motivate other companies to have their own Content Streaming Service.

And I’d like to talk about what this means for the Publishing Industry and what we’re offering at publica.la  

It has been a year now since we started to think about the idea of offering the software needed so Every Publisher can create its own Library and offer its contents

We strongly believe that every Publisher should have its own library so they can:

  • Set their own prices
  • Control the relationship with the readers / customers

And that’s why we’re helping Publishers to build a new and custom experience for they readers by creating a custom library where they can achieve those goals without any technical knowledge and with a reasonable price.

You can learn more  about how we’re doing that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I45SeHFc7eg

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