OMG We’ve made it!… is now a SaaS company

OMG We’ve made it!… is now a SaaS company

Or are we just starting? Anyway today’s “A-Team” (or Amazing Team) has reached probably one of the biggests milestones in our short (but pretty intense) history, trust me I’ve been present every step of the way.

And actually quite an accomplishment for every tech startup or tech company in the market nowadays. WE ALL LOVE SUBSCRIPTIONS. WE ALL LOVE THE IDEA OF BEING AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE AND PROVIDE A WORLD CLASS SOLUTION. And that’s what we’re releasing today: The first ever SaaS platform for Publishers, Newspapers, Universities and Content Producers that will allow them to

Transform any Printed Publication into a Digital Edition and Create an Online Store or Library in just 10’ where they can offer those Publications directly to their audience.

It’s really complicated for me right now to be short, because I would like to tell you everything, every step, every mistake we made, every little thing, how we went from 0 to more than 50.000 users, 30 publishers and more than 5.000 publications in less than a year.

Or how hard was the path to get from a bullet trace version to a complete automated solution. Because believe me; it wasn’t easy.

So I’ll try to be SIP (short, interesting and precise) and I’ll do my best to keep personal feelings separated from business (as much as possible… yinz know)

When @Franco and I started we were uncertain of many MANY things, but we were sure of two (probably the most important things).

  • We believed that we had a solution in mind that could benefit thousands of publishers around the world
  • We believed in each other. Franco believed in me, in my crazy idea, in my anxiety, in my…. Well let’s call it passion. And I believed Franco was the right guy to partner with, his vision, his passion to DO THINGS and his abilities as an engineer are still surprising me today.

So we started this journey with a clear focus: The only way our solution could help “any publisher in the world” was through a Software as a Service (SaaS) version. And that’s what we were building all this time.

We know the “creation experience” or even the platform itself could be much better (and trust me, it will be!) but I am pretty satisfied with what we’ve accomplished in such a short period.

And I’d like to highlight this because nowadays it’s so easy to get lost in the “hustle” that sometimes we don’t take the time to celebrate, to take a second and appreciate what we have achieved.

So, my 2 cents: Do that, stop one second. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Life is one.

Alrighty then: So, we’ve made it! Now you can go to and start right now and by yourself your first online store for your Digital Publications. You can count on us if you need help!

As a final note I’d like to say thanks, and believe it or not, this is one of the hardest part because there’s so many people that helped in one way or another and I don’t really want to forget anyone… So, here we go:

First: To my parents for their continued support. Because I’m actually what I am thanks to them. To my grandparents, because they’ve left their homeland to give up everything and a build a future for our family. Grazie a voi.

Second: To every teammate, colleague, fellow, advisor or investor that joined in this short period. We believe in a different way of doing business, we believe in putting the people first and it’s not so easy to find people that shares those values. Special thanks to Andrés Telesca, my first boss and mentor who is now an advisor from the first hour in To Germán Merlo, one of the greatest tech entrepreneurs of Latam who has shown interest in since the first talk we had. I worked with Germán on the company he founded and i’ve learnt some much from him… And I keep learning from him!

To the mysterious verdolaga, because even if I can’t really say his name I’m dying to tell everyone that one of the professional I respect the most from the industry has believed in us since day 1…

Of course, to Marcelo Ferrero, our first Angel, and my latest friend, who is helping us to grow in so many ways: With his vast knowledge of the industry, his vision of the product and his leadership. We are so lucky to have an Angel Investor like Marcelo who gives you A LOT more than money.

And to my everyday teammates, those who shared the whole journey or just a part: Matias Carrera, Franco Gilio, Nicolás Frette, Lucas Nuñez, Luis Vaccaro, Alexandra Betancourt, Carlos Ardila and so many others!.

To all the mentors, professionals, entrepreneurs and fellows we’ve met on every adventure: From Tetuan Valley in Madrid, to Google Launchpad in Buenos Aires.

Third: To every client we have. They are the real reason why we’re here today.

And last but not least: To every person who didn’t believed in us. Who didn’t thought we had it. And I’m serious about this. Because they, in one way or another, helped us to be betters. To improve our product, to improve our vision, to improve our pitches, to improve ourselves.

if you reached this far on this post: I want to thank you. But to seriously thank you for your interest and your support.

Goodbye yinz, you’ll hear from me soon (the best is yet to come…)

Drop me a comment a question or just say hi! I’m always up for a conversation.


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